Cachhar College student attacked infront of G.C. College. Reason yet to be found by the Police.

Cachhar College student attacked infront of G.C. College. Reason yet to be found by the Police.

Yesterday, a Cachar College student named Mehraj Ahmed Barbhuiya, filed an FIR in Sadar thana Police Station. In his complaint he wrote that a bunch of people had beaten him up in front of Guru Charan College.

In conversation with the press, Mehraj Ahmed Barbhuiya says: “I was passing by the GC College and that is when I stopped to talk to a couple of friends. Before I could start, a few young individuals came and asked my name. After I told them my name they asked me to chant Jai Shree Ram and when I didn’t, they started beating me with sticks. I started bleeding and then they vandalised my scooter.”

He also added: “It is a Government road and therefore anybody can take that path”. Day before yesterday, Barbhuiya posted on Facebook that ‘Bajrang Dal Goons’ had beaten him up. Whereas, in his complaint there could be seen no mention of Bajrang Dal anywhere.

Contrarily, a female student of GC College has filed a counter-complaint. In the FIR the student mentioned that Mehraj Ahmed Barbhuiya along with two other individuals were eve-teasing her and her friend in front of GC College. In her complaint she write, “I am harassed by a guy name Mehraj Ahmed Barbhuiya a resident of Madhurbond Silchar. He always taunts me and eve teases me in front of Guru Charan College Silchar. The day before (17th November) he stopped me with two of his friend and asked me my name. Since I was not answering his question he caught my hand and used slangs on me and my friend. He also told me that he will make me Muslim.”

Police officers are now investigating on both the cases. Yesterday morning, they called a boy named Tapash Nath in Silchar Sadar Police station. “The complaint lodged by the boy is false. He a Cachar College Student who went there to create a ruckus. Bajrang Dal has nothing to do with it,” said Mithun Paul of Bajrang Dal.

He added, “What we have gathered so far is that the boy was eve-teasing Hindu girls in front of GC College and that is when some locals stopped him. We don’t know who was involved in beating him. However, the FIRs from the girl makes it clear that the boy was indeed eve-teasing.” The Police is now investigating on the matter and haven’t made any final conclusions yet. By the time they dig up the truth, they shall not commit into giving any statement.