Eye bank of SMCH successfully does another Keratoplasty, DC Cachar appreciates the entire team.

Eye bank of SMCH successfully does another Keratoplasty, DC Cachar appreciates the entire team.

In 2018, Eye Bank of Silchar Medical College got its license for keratoplasty. In the coordination with SAKSHAM, Eye Bank Assosociation of India ran the very crucial “Cornea Andhatv Mukta Bharat Abhiyan” (CAMBA) in last September. Due to cornea blindness, many people in India used to risk their lives. Around 15% of cornea were imported from Sri Lanka. That’s when they decided that India itself can take the responsibility of the cornea transplants by donations of cornea through our own citizens. Regarding this, an appeal was placed to SAKSHAM by National Program for Control of Blindness. On September, the campaign was run to eradicate Cornea Blindness where around 3 lakh people pledged for Eye Donation after death, not limiting it just there, Cachar and Barak Valley also pledged the same with around 1400 people.

“Marwari Yuva Manch” Silchar unit, heard a case of a girl in Katigorah where she needed cornea. As Daily Pachali, Dr. Vishal Das, spoke to Mr. Mithun Roy, the coordinator of Eye Bank, SMCH. Mithun said that, the contact was then made with him and the girl was advised to go to SMCH. After thorough investigation, a conclusion came that the left eye of the girl was completely damaged but the right eye had some chance if cornea transplantation is made. Fortunately, A person in contact with Marwari Yuva Manch has expired who did pledged for body Donation when he was alive and that’s when an appeal was made on 22nd October for a cornea. It is very much well known that since one person has 2 eyes, hence 2 people can be recipients from a single body. The operation was successfully done of two people on the morning of 24th October, obeying all the covid protocols.

The news of eye donation reached the honourable DC of Cachar, Keerthi Jalli delighting her with the occurrence and decided to stay at the spot when the eye unwrap of the two patients will happen. At around 10:30am, the unwrap was done in the presence of DC where both the patients were notably said to have their vision from one hand distance. The news brought so much joy that everyone present in the spot complimented the health specialists with huge rounds of applause.

A huge role was played by Nodal Officer Dr. Ashish Deb, incharge Dr. Gautam Paul and other health experts. Other than them there were present Dr. Babul Kr Bezbarua, Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, Dr. Abhijit Swami, Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh and others.

Mithun Roy in a brief conversation with Dr. Vishal Das said, “In 2015, when SAKSHAM started to work in South Assam sector, the journey was started with the envision of establishing the Eye Bank of SMCH. SAKSHAM’s first initiative was Barak’s Netradan Sankalpa Abhiyan. At that time, Dr. S Lakshmanan sir was urged for the re-activation of license for cornea transplantation in SMCH. Lots of appeals were made for the same to several higher individuals with the support of authorities and in February 2018, the licence was appealed again to Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma where 500 people has signed the pledge and a photocopy was sent as a memorandum to Dr. Sarma. Having a view at that, Dr. Sarma took action by 2 months and reactivated the license by sending a team of SPCB. We’re very thankful to Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma for helping us reactivating the license. This is our 3rd eye donation this time.”

“It is an urge to try and donate cornea to people. Even after death, the noble pledge of donating cornea to someone in need can help serving humanity. One person can donate two cornea, which means helping two people at a time. It is very much needed to aware people of what a donation can do. Several people die every year due to cornea blindness. When own people of the country pledge to donate, it can save so lives. It doesn’t cause any damage but it can surely save some.”