Will the festive gathering cause more Covid cases?

Will the festive gathering cause more Covid cases?

Durga Puja 2020 fell in a very unusual year. With disease, hazards and ill-luck revolving around, this year the festive was more about caution than about relaxation. It is needed to be mentioned here that Europe and Germany are facing the second wave of Corona Virus leading to several deaths while the statistic getting out of hand.

A second wave of Covid-19 hit Germany back. Despite several rules were enhanced upon them, protocols were broken by the younger people with several doings like associating social meets, no wearing masks often and drinking or eating in large groups together. Robert Koch Institute of Germany reported 11,242 new covid cases in last Friday which brings out Germany’s data to be a total of 4,00,000 cases in the pandemic. Cities like Frankfurt got curfew after 10pm. The Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn also tested covid positive and is in isolation now.

Coming back to the locality, the District Administration has tried to be as strict as possible regarding the protocols and safety measures. Despite everything, Silchar saw a typical scene of no guidelines followed. There were people walking in large numbers without wearing masks properly. It is quite saddening to watch people not understand the gravity of the situation. The negligence will not just result to personal problems but will arise a general issue all over. The non-maintenance of protocols might even result to be a huge price that we have to pay as a whole.

Often it is noticed that something terribly troublesome does not get washed in one go. Keeping in mind about Europe and Germany, a pandemic after this pandemic might come back which will result to a fatal situation if happens. If protocols and safety measures are not taken, the entire nation might set back again and might also be under lockdown in a repeatation.

With great freedom comes great responsibility, and the responsibility was not quite experienced during the Navami in Silchar. The gross carelessness could be fatal but we truly hope, it doesn’t.