Will peace prevail in the North Eastern States?

Will peace prevail in the North Eastern States?

The world is going through a tough time due to the COVID-19. In India even during the festival season the covid cases are increasing. But not just that our country is also going through several other crisis like the recent problem between two North eastern states Assam and Mizoram and the situation of Bengali community in Meghalaya.

The Asaam Mizoram dispute:-

Recently many meetings were held between the two state governments and Home ministry of India and it was expected that tje situation will come down and everything will be peaceful. However, it didn’t happen as the miscreants from Mizoram targeted Assam and set up camps; not only that, with the help of forces they entered 3 kilometres inside the Cachar district around the Lailapur area and so the situation is not good. In fact few days back, a lower primary school that was established in 1971, was bombed by some miscreants from Mizoram which was confirmed by the government was Assam. Dileep De who is the degree of Assam Southern range said that no common man can create a bomb and so the bomb was created by trained criminals and a case was registered for this blast. In the peace treaty the Government of Mizoram a sure that they would return back the occupied territory of Assam yet many music apps are still scattered in the so called occupied territory inside Assam. However as many as 1200 trucks carrying goods was escorted to Mizoram.
Member of Parliament, Dr. Rajdeep Roy condemned the incident and took to his Facebook and wrote,“This attitude of not honouring the Tripartite talks is not acceptable and amounts to contempt! The Assam govt’s attitude to solving the border dispute through talks should not be taken as its weakness. Appropriate action will follow at an appropriate time!”
It was seen from the beginning that Mizoram government was blaming Karimganj and Cachar districts and said that the supply of essential commodities was blocked by the two districts as they installed road blocks.
Even after the meetings, the situation has not changed. Let us see how long it takes to bring peace in the border by both the states.

Situation of Bengali Community in Meghalaya:-

It is known to most of us that a major part of the population of Meghalaya consists of Bengalees, so much is the number that through our different parts of Meghalaya such as capital Shillong to Tura, Durgotsav is celebrated with great pomp and show. Not only that, Meghalaya proudly flaunts the house of Asia’s first Nobel Laureate, Kabigury Rabindranath Tagore. Yet, recently the Bengali community is facing backlash in the ‘adobe of clouds, Meghalaya. Posters like ” Bangladeshis stop your atrocities in Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam and Mizoram”, “All Meghalaya Bengalees are Bangladeshis” etc. were put up by the “Khashi Students’ Union” in different places of Police Bazar, 9th Mile, Laitumkhrah. Posters like “We are Khashi by blood and Indian by accident” was also seen. Lawyer Pradip Dutta Roy condemned this situation and said that Meghalaya was a part of Assam and Shillong was the capital and even the name Meghalaya was given by a Bengali which the present people of Meghalaya should not forget. Bengali community has been residing in Meghalaya since the British age. He requested all the Bengalis to stop visiting Meghalaya. He also added that railway tracks were laid in Kashmir but it is still not possible to connect Meghalaya to the rest of the country with rail and why it is so. He answered his own question and he said that the people residing in Meghalaya about want to get connected to the mainland by Dale at the fear many “foreigners” would invade their land. He said that the people of Meghalaya cannot withstand and do not like the Bengali community.

The youth of Karimganj district responded to the posters of “Khasi students Union” and put up counter posters that read, “All Khasi People Residing in Assam are Indians, Our Brothers, and Sisters.” all the users were led by Sujan Deb Roy, who is a journalist and social activist. he said that he felt very bad when he saw those posters as he formerly believes in the idea of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” which means the world is family which is why he thought to respond to the posters and he hopes that gradually peace should prevail.

All the three states of North-east namely Assam, Mizoram and Meghalaya facing tension apart from the number of increasing COVID patients. Let us see what the respective government does for the respective problems and let us hope everything comes to normal; Let peace prevail.

– Saptaparna Chakraborty