“Creativity is a satisfaction of your own creative inner self” –  Saptaraj Chakraborty, a versatile paradigm of hardwork, passion and determination.

“Creativity is a satisfaction of your own creative inner self” – Saptaraj Chakraborty, a versatile paradigm of hardwork, passion and determination.

As Chris Grosser said, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” – Saptaraj Chakraborty is a paragon of exceptional inspiration for the youth of today. From a small town like Silchar, Saptaraj Chakraborty has cultivated himself into his living passion. An engineer turned into a film maker, Saptaraj shows us that nothing is impossible if someone has the avidity for it.

Saptaraj Chakraborty, in his earlier life, was B.tech student who graduated from Rajasthan Technical University, Jaipur. Since a very young age, he was very fascinated with films, advertisements and mtv. But like all, he was trapped in the circle of set-up career too. At that age, being from such a small town, a career on film-making was more than a fairy-tale. To him B.tech was the safest career option, but, on the other hand, though he chose something very usual, it gave him a sense of freedom away from the thought that congested him at that time.

Jaipur made him meet Shiva Varma who had projected cinema through his eyes to Saptaraj. The vast world of cinema tuned inside Saptaraj like an ocean meant to be at its flow. Young Saptaraj and Shiva, with their young enthusiasm, decided on starting a company named “Atarkya Creatives” (meaning, without a debate) which now took a figure of Mainstream Advertisement and Cinema. Their journey started with their common interest in films and continued to being a partners with a brotherhood love.

From Silchar to Jaipur to Mumbai, Saptaraj has been levelling up with each jump. The struggle of moving from a small town to an empire of Mumbai in itself is a very valiant run. Mumbai being a huge place demands constant struggle and survival, and Saptaraj has brilliantly cultured his breath and talent to lodge inside his passion.

Surviving in any city without your family and friends is tough and Mumbai is a highly competitive city. Each day 1000 of aspirants come here with their dreams and 1000 more are already there who stays in mumbai with their parents already working in cinema and advertisement so the competition already is tougher as you have bunch of talented people already but the best part in this area is its a creative process where a huge teamwork is highly necessary and thus if you have the genuine talent and passion then no one can stop you. Collaboration and eye for creativity is the key to make a cinema which I feel have helped me to keep sailing till now.” says the wunderkind Chakraborty.

People judge a film in 2 hours or so but the amount of time and dedication it takes in each micro second of it only a maker can understand and the maker involves a lot of people working together to make one thing perfect, that is called filmmaking.” says Saptaraj Chakraborty.

Film-making is not just a creative procedure, it is a sea with several waves of high tidal patience and perseverance. In this era of digital media, it has allowed the showcase of work through the digital perspective of the creator. Saptaraj Chakraborty has a take in the exploration of idea and the commencement of it. He believes in the theory of taking a chance, the possibilities of endlessness and the need to dare. With the abundance of content all around, the design to think is pretty compounded yet interesting to him. The urge of the world to think and create out of the box makes Saptaraj say, “We have to think about what is different and fresh. Like i sometimes feel to make a Syleti film which will showcase silchar and its subculture. People living in mysore can watch it with subtitles. So I feel that it is needed to make something which is fresh and which speaks of local things rather than trying to be someone else.” According to Chakraborty, a very important facet of film-making is ‘Writing’. He believes that writing is the foundation of content creation, and that, reading and knowledge can enhance the skill to its epitome.

Saptaraj Chakraborty has brought into limelight a lot of attention of the audience with his short-film named “Mirror” which was quite liked by the audience. He has a knack for creating horror films and discovering it’s sub-genres. Creating horror movies needs every tint of filtered imagination to brew something divergent as this genre is all about mystery and hindsight. “Horror is a director’s medium, it’s more about narrative and much about the treatment so any director’s debut choice is always a horror film. The most important thing in the horror genre is the surprise element where you are giving the shock , the audience shouldnt predict the scare and BLAMM!! It happened.” says Saptaraj about the central idea of horror. His icon for the genre is Mike Flanagan, whose work initiates the story and the haunt simultaneously making it remarkable to him as he contemplates him to be the God of horror films.

“Mirror” : Short Horror Film

Saptaraj and ‘exploration’ go synonymous to each other. It’ll be blasphemically ignorant to drop his name into a specific genre. Having a mind of versatility, Saptaraj is equally keen in many other genres of work including music videos. His very successful projects include Raftaar’s HAPPY SINGLE, Sanam’s MARY DID YOU KNOW, Sushmita Sen’s NEPTUNE DANCE and recently Ishq ka raja was a tremendous success crossing 300 M views.

He has made some fun campaigns for Mahindra, Fitso App, Early salary App(awarded in Goa Fest), Reliance Trends, Aptivate Syrup, Amazon Filmfare award Ft. Kartik aaryan, Master card, Evara Ft. Soha Ali Khan, Netfilx’s Jamtara campaign Ft. Kunal Kamra to name a few of them but the list continues.

Amazon Filmfare Award Ft. Kartik Aryan

The OMG part of the entire article comes here. Saptaraj Chakraborty has made it to work in a film named MEHMAAN which has superstar casts like Raima Sen, Kaushik Sen and Saheb Bhattacharjee. MEHMAAN being first film of Zee5 having Raima Sen in it, is a pulp thriller which seemed very interesting to Saptaraj. As an experience of working with Raima Sen, Saptaraj Chakraborty said, “Working with Raima was such a great experience, she is such a professional and dedicated that we got exactly the character we imagined. We talked about each scene before the shot was taken and she used to deliver exactly. The entire shooting process of Mehmaan was enchanting and shooting in Kolkata was a dream come true.

“MEHMAAN” – Trailer

Saptaraj has also worked on few Shorts and Anthology for platforms like Sonyliv, Zee5, hungama digital and Mx player.

In a brief interview conversation with Saptaraj Chakraborty, Dr. Vishal Das the founder and editor of Daily Pachali asked him about his experience of artistic career and creative production during the pandemic to which Saptaraj replied, “For me lock down was the time to write, read and watch which was very necessary for me. I retrospect my past work and churned out a lot of ideas and stories which will be made in the coming future so in a way my lockdown was helpful for my creative output. We  didn’t shoot during lockdown at all but recently we did a fun online shoot where we directed and managed everything over the internet. That was fun.”

Reading is a hobby that Saptaraj refined during his college days at Jaipur and since then, he has never stopped. For a film-maker, books can be a very huge source of inspiration for a brilliant portrayal and Saptaraj has in his wishlist. He says how he would love to adapt Comic superhero character Doga, S hussain Zaidi’s Dangerous mind, and a byomkesh bakshi in a contemporary stylish take, which is very fascinating!

There are few movies i love which i don’t know if i want to adapt but i will definitely like to if given an opportunity: City of God, Shawn of the Dead, Breaking bad, Dark knight… the list can go on and on. And definitely the game character Ellie from ‘The Last of Us’.” is his take on this.

With Durga Puja going on, it is very natural for him to miss what is innate in him- the scent of festival. Being in Mumbai, staying far away from his little hometown, it must be really hollow sometimes. His original colony is at Norshingtola, the heart of Silchar and from this we can infer, how emotionally invested he could be with the colony’s puja. But Saptaraj has always been very coping with any situation. He says, “In engineering days i was so sad the first time i wasn’t home during puja and went to visit a pandal in jaipur and found there are so many people celebrating it with happiness and they accepted me like their own so i realized that it’s how you connect with other people and make new friends, so anywhere it becomes a carnival. Same in mumbai, there are so many durga puja that you can’t cover all in 3 days at all. We do pandal hopping, eat food, roam around with groups, have anjali everything the same even many from our film industry visit durga puja and have fun together.

With a very young experience I got, I suggest that you stick to your dream and make it happen. Don’t be rebellious, rather counter with logic and I am sure there is always a way out. Creativity is endless and we should never suppress our creative urge. Creativity is a satisfaction of your own creative inner self don’t make it a competition and look for validation. Create and be happy or be proud of your creativity.” adds Saptaraj Chakraborty to his piece of insightful suggestion.

With everything going around, Saptaraj Chakraborty is an inspiration to all of us. A journey so long and the desire to run longer is a very motivating afflatus. He believes that he has just started his journey and he has miles to go still. A competitive city and a powerful dream is an outstanding example of what a human can do if he wills for it and that’s what he advices the youth of today, “It’s a myth that one cannot survive in any competitive city, what i feel is the city tests you and your patience and then you make it your own and it becomes your friend“.

The drive to never stop, the zeal to know and do more, the will to keep moving despite every hardship is what Saptaraj Chakraborty, the real life inspo, shows us. With his endless enthusiasm and infinite devotion to his work, Saptaraj Chakraborty is a paragon of young dreamers. With his ceaseless crave to keep exploring, we believe Saptaraj is going to give us legendary pride as we all already should be.

To his exceptional journey, we have all the best prayers for him to keep sailing in his ocean. Afterall he has “got miles to go before he sleeps.”

(They have worked on numerous projects which is very difficult for us to attach in a single article. Hence we have attached a few for a glimpse of their work.)

Parisha Dutta