“Folkইরা”, the band, launched their Durga Puja theme song by giving new clothes to the poor women.

“Folkইরা”, the band, launched their Durga Puja theme song by giving new clothes to the poor women.

A band of young sparks “Folkইরা” of Barak Valley is creating warm vibes in the air. They recently released their Durga Puja Special  song on Sunday in Ellora Heritage Hall, Silchar, in a very auspicious manner. “Folkইরা”, in a very unusual and flabbergasting manner launched their song officially by distributing new clothes among poor ladies of the town and sought their blessings.

Invitations were sent out to several known personalities in Silchar by Folkইরা, where the guests were given the honour of distributing the clothes among the poor women. The occasion was moderated by Somshikha Mazumdar. The guests who were invited are Ajay Roy, Raju Sengupta, Bhaskar Das, Satyajit Bose, Joy Joydeep Chakraborty, Swarnali Choudhury and Sudarshan Gupta.

The Durga Puja Special Song “Dhaker Kathi” was released after the cloth distribution ceremony. The gems behind the song are:

Lyrics and tune – Folkইরা
Artists – Sayan Roy Kutan, Pritam Dutta, Debraj Bhattacharjee, Subhrangshu Paul, Jeet Paul, Swarnadeep Dey
Music arrangement – Nirupam Barbhuiya
Mix and mastering – Ranabir Singha (Studio Rithika)
DOP, Drone, Camera and edit – Subrajit Paul
Video Producer – Bikramjit Baulia

On their second anniversary in 2nd June, Folkইরা distributed food items among the needy. Sayan Roy, a prime member of Folkইরা, said “Keeping it with our motto- From people, for people, we undertook this noble way of celebrating our 2nd foundation day”.

On 31 December, 2017, the band “Folkইরা” made their debut in the “Gaan Mela” where there was a collaboration between Somkal and Swaralipi.

In a conversation with Daily Pachali, Sayan Roy said, “Every year we release songs during Durga Puja, and so have we this year too. Our song “Dhaker kathi” is up on our YouTube channel and we would love for everyone to listen to our song.”