All government run Madrassas to be shutdown in Assam.

All government run Madrassas to be shutdown in Assam.

“A notification regarding shutting down of all Madrasa will be issued in November” said Assam and State Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma “and around 100 Sanskrit tols will also be shut down in the State.”

Madrassas are educational institutions where students are taught the Quaran along with Islamic sacred law. Around 4% Muslim students take full time education in India in Madrassas, as per a report published by “The Conversation”, an academic and research website.

It has been decided that no money will spent on religious institutions in BJP-led Assam Government and that, Madrassas will be converted into normal schools, or transfer their teachers to other schools and shut down completely.

The Minister is in the opinion that particularly, only the teaching of Quran cannot happen with Government’s money. If so, Bhagvad Gita and Bible should also be taught. The shut down of Madrassas is to bring on uniformity.

The SMEB website said that there are 614 recognized madrassas in Assam and as many as 400 out of these are high madrassas, 112 are junior madrassas while the remaining 102 are senior madrassas.

Among the total madrassas, 57 are for girls and 3 are for boys. 554 are co-ed, while 17 are running in Urdu medium.