International Day of Girl Child, October 11; issues faced by women and how can they be solved.

International Day of Girl Child, October 11; issues faced by women and how can they be solved.

Even in the 21st century, females are still facing a lot of injustice, threat and a continuous struggle to merely live like a human. The current scenario of women in the country is nothing less than a sad and scary nightmare. From female foeticide to regular cases of rapes, women are facing problems in their day to day life. Women backwardness is not just a mere issue right now, it has reached to new level of grantedness regarding the particular gender.

Being in a huge independent country like India, women still lack the right of freedom in several aspects. There are several rules that are still prevalent as restrictions towards women in this modern era.

Child marriage is still an issue where the less privileged girl child gets married at an illegal age and noone even gets to know. Even after so many lawful implementations, the act is still going on as a regular practice in many rural areas. The act of girl child marriage of not an adult or legal age is both physically and mentally tormenting for the child.

Rapes are now a daily news. It is now the most faced issue by women of our country. Innocent women face this tremendous act of threat and murder, destroying their life into pieces. As per the statistics, rape is happening almost every day and little amount of justice is being served. The law still seems to be not so strong for the culprits committing the crime, hence the issue being so large-scaled and repetitive day after day.

Revengeful attitude of several criminal mind has initiated the issue of acid attack. One of the most serious threat that women of our country face in their day to day life. The pain and the suffering cannot be verbally sufficed.

The want of greater preference of a male child is still widespread in our country resulting to female foeticide. This old age patriarchal thought makes not only the murder of a new life but also destroys the life of a mother. The mental harassment of the mother is near to no healing ever again.

Domestic violence is an age old silent issue that women have been facing since time unknown. The occurrence of this torture is still heard. The physical and mental torture of women by her husband or in-laws has been a mainstream issue that is faced by the females of India.

All these factors, including dowry, pseudo witchcraft murders, harassment, molestation should make us ponder on the current scenario of where we are standing right now. Being in a developing country where women are still facing age old issues in the 21st century is equally ddisappointing and devastating. From not being paid equally to unfair women rights, women are still deprived of so many human rights and are silently calling for help.

Let’s get into an overview about how women issues can be helped.

1) Voice should be raised everytime a woman faces inequality. Voice amplifies and changes the situation to a better direction.

2) The society should be educated on how a woman is not an object. A woman is human whose freedom is not a priviledge but a basic human rights.

3) Sex education should be installed everywhere. In schools, institutions and at home.

4) “Not all men, but all women” . Not every man is a monster, but it is true that every woman is prone to such crimes. Hence, the males of the society should be educated, not just by women but the men too. A joint effort will always serve to a better development and understanding.

5) Women should be made aware of their fundamental rights. They should be educated and built on how a career is more important than getting married at a young age.

6) Since not everything can be solved immediately, women need to be encouraged to learn self-defense as a matter of both safety and skill.

7) Feminism, a widespread term, is still a wrong conception in many minds. A feminist is not just a female term, it is a term that denotes and demands equal rights for every gender. The term needs to be explained and implemented well, so that no wrong use is taken out of it.

These are few things that can be done to make a better world for women of our country. Several initiatives are already been taken and it should be continued till the country becomes a truly safe place for all the women out here.

On the occasion of the International Day for Girl Child, District Social Welfare Office in collaboration with the district administration of Zilla Parishad conference hall in presence of MLAs, Silchar and Udharband, CEO, Zilla Parishad, ADC (Social Welfare), Joint Director of Health Services and officials of Education Department, a function was organised on October 11. Girl students who secured highest percentages in HSLC and HS of Cachar were felicitated by dignitaries and official. To inspire the young minds, a montage of all successful women of Cachar was also prepared.

– Parisha Dutta